Your Travel Check List:

  • airline tickets or e-ticket confirmation
  • empty bag for souvenirs
  • vaccination ticket [if required]
  • driver’s license and auto insurance card [in case you decide to rent a car when abroad]
  • medical insurance cards and medical history [especially if traveling alone]
  • another picture ID [just in case]
  • credit cards; be sure to call credit card companies before traveling to alert them you are traveling outside of your normal area [wouldn’t want an unexpected decline to due your card being cancelled]
  • casual watch; hopefully waterproof
  • pre-paid phone cards
  • cash or traveler’s check [ be sure to keep travelers check in a separate location]
  • 3 copies of airline tickets, passport/visas, itinerary; pack one copy in your carry on, one copy in checked luggage, and leave one copy with someone at home.
  • contact numbers to report any issues with credit cards or travelers checks
  • leave emergency numbers at home
  • prescription medications and any other essential medications in carry-on bag
  • passports and visas [if necessary] or proof of citizenship in carry-on bag
  • glasses, contacts; dont forget your contact lens cleaner
  • sunscreen and lip sunblock
  • sunglasses
  • guidebooks and other port of call information
  • foreign language prasebook or dictionary
  • maps
  • reading material; books to read while on the plane or lounging by the pool’
  • journal or notebook and pen/pencil, for making notes to tell your friends back home about your experiences
  • business cards to give out to new friends
  • currency conversion chart
  • cell phone and charger[be sure to check on international roaming fees]
  • home and email addresses for friend/relatives back home; for postcards, emails or gifts, of course
  • disposable underwater camera; for snorkeling or beach days
  • digital camera with extra batteries
  • corkscrew [be sure to store in checked luggage]
  • small 1st aid kit (band aids, Dramamine, antibiotic cream, bandages, anti-diarrheal medication, cortisone, aspirin/tylenol/advil)
  • bug spray and/or bug wipes [ be sure to store in checked luggage]
  • extra reading glasses
  • hat for him and her [if needed]

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