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Reduced Deposit

Try our New Reduced Deposit Plan!

A Unique new Program that Allows You to Pay Less Up Front When Booking Your Vacation!

You will find the Reduced Deposit Plan very helpful when planning your vacation well in advance.   Here are some program details:

  • The plan is valid on all carriers – regardless of the airline, fares or price point! 
  • Pay a reduced deposit of  $150.00 (depending on the carrier) regardless of air ticket cost.
  • Deposits are non-refundable.
  • You may also opt to protect your travel investment by purchasing our Trip Insurance Plan.
  • Learn More About our Reduced Deposit Plan…..

Plan and book your vacation today or call us at 1-888-963-8986 for details!


Reduced Deposit Plan with Classic Vacations:

Classic Vacations reduced their deposit requirements to as little $20.00 per person on the land portion of your package! That’s right, down from $150.00 per person to $20.00 per person. You may still be required to pay for published air and travel protection at deposit, but we hope the new Reduced Deposit will help you plan ahead for your future travel plans.

More important, Classic Vacations will no longer be charging any change or cancel fees? Yes, we have eliminated these “Classic Fees” in a continued effort to make things more flexible for you. While we strongly recommend travel protection, there are no more Classic change or cancel fees. Change and cancel fees designated by airlines, hotels and excursions may still apply. Plan and Book your Vacation Today!



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