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Book Now – Pay Later FAQ’s The Book Now, Pay Later Plan allows you to hold your vacation for as little as $50 down so you can reserve your vacation now and pay in full later. This allows you to apply a deposit at the time of booking instead of paying in full right away. Find out how you can use the Book Now, Pay Later Plan to put a deposit down on your vacation today!

Am I able to apply a deposit on my vacation instead of paying in full at time of booking?

Yes. Our participation in Funjet’s Book Now, Pay Later plan, allows you to hold your vacation with a deposit of as little as $50 down. The actual deposit amount required varies based on the airfare and hotel accommodations selected.

How can I Book Now, Pay Later?

Plan your vacation as usual, including any excursions, show tickets, tours, rental cars, and other components you’d like. If you’re traveling more than 2 months in advance and your vacation cost is higher than the required deposit amount, the Book Now, Pay Later option will appear on Checkout Step 3 in the Final Payment section: Schedule your Automatic Final Payment The amount to be scheduled will appear. Select a payment date more than 45 days before your departure date, and your credit card will automatically be charged on that date. If you’ve entered multiple credit cards for your initial deposit, select the corresponding number in the Payment # field – a “1″ in this box will charge the first credit card listed, “2″ will charge the second credit card listed, and so on. Schedule an Email Reminder If you’d like to make several payments over time, or charge the final payment on multiple credit cards, you can set up an email reminder. You must select a date that is more than 47 days before departure. This automated email will remind you to log in to the account you created during the booking process to enter your credit card information and complete payment on your vacation. You may log into your account and apply for multiple payments over time, or pay using multiple credit cards. Important! All payments must be completed no less than 45 days before departure.

Does my vacation qualify for the Book Now, Pay Later Plan?

If you’re planning your vacation more than 2 months before travel, and your vacation cost meets the deposit requirements, you will qualify for the Vacation Payment Plan. You will see deposit information on Checkout Step 3 of the reservation process if your vacation package meets the deposit requirements.

What if I don’t want to use the Book Now, Pay Later Plan?

You may pay for your vacation in full at time of booking. Simply change the Payment Amount in Checkout Step 3 to the total package price and your full payment will be processed when you complete your booking.

How are deposits calculated?

Deposits include a portion of both your air and hotel costs, plus the full cost of any show tickets, insurance, or other features you may select.

I’m booking 2 or more months In advance — Why don’t I see the Book Now, Pay Later option?

If you do not see the Book Now, Pay Later option, it generally means you’re getting a great deal on your vacation! Sometimes the minimum deposit rules will cover your full air and hotel costs. This will most likely happen in situations like these:

  • You’ve selected a midweek stay when hotel rates can be lower than weekend rates
  • You’ve selected a hotel or flight that is on sale so the total price is lower than the minimum deposit

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