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Travelers Are Wasting as Much as One Full Day of Their Vacations

A new study found that travelers are wasting as much as a full day of their vacations. According to the South West News Service, the study commissioned by Sykes Holiday Cottages found that around 25 percent of respondents waste too much of their vacation time trying to figure out what to do next.

The report found that out of a seven-day vacation, the average traveler wasted an estimated 17.5 hours thinking about accommodations, researching places to visit, the stresses of work and more.

Another 25 percent of respondents said they spend more vacation time letting other people in their party choose the activities than doing what they want. A similar percentage of travelers also said trying to plan a trip has led to arguments.

Many of the arguments about vacation stem from a lack of time to plan the details, something survey respondents blamed on working long hours, household chores and taking care of their children.

As for one of the biggest complaints from travelers about wasting time on vacations, many thrill-seekers revealed they sometimes spend hours each day waiting in long lines at amusement parks.

At least the people participating in the study took their vacation days, as a report from last year found that a record 768 million vacation days went unused across the United States in 2018.

The 768 million figure signals a nine-percent rise from 2017 and amounts to an economic opportunity loss of $151.5 billion and as many as two million American jobs.

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