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Choosing Your Resort

Helpful Hints in Choosing Your Sandals or Beaches Resort

Popular Resorts for the Romantic
Is anything more important than love and romance? Not to you. And not to Sandals either. Our resorts are created with romance in mind, and take your romantic fantasies far beyond anything you could ever imagine… with memories you’ll take to heart.

Popular Resorts for the Active
You’re always up for a party – and you’re usually the life of the party and full-speed ahead ’til late into the night. But sometimes you also need to recharge your batteries. Sandals Resorts allow you to do both, with a mix of action and relaxation that plays right into everything you love.

Popular Resorts for Couples only:

Popular Resorts for the Sophisticated
Your idea of a great vacation is to be cocooned in total luxury and pampered every minute. Few resorts can live up to your expectations but fortunately, there’s Sandals – with the Caribbean’s most revered resorts.

Popular Resorts for Relaxing
You come to the Caribbean for its sunny weather, blissful beaches… and most of all, to relax. It’s only natural that Sandals would offer fabulously lush resorts, all tucked beneath the palms, where you’re never under any pressure to do anything… but you can do anything you want.

Popular Resorts for Singles & Single parents

Popular Resorts for Girlfriend Getaways

Popular Resorts for Families & groups

Popular Resorts for the Adventurous
You believe life should be an adventure. You’re always in search of the unexplored, the exotic, and the undiscovered. These resorts are exactly what you’re looking for, and much more… but in keeping with the spirit of adventure, you’ll have to come here to find out why.

Popular Resorts for the Budget-Conscious


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