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Deals by Funjet Vacations


Type of Travel Deal: Travel Deals
This Deal Begins: March 21, 2019
This This Deal Ends: May 2, 2019
This Deal is Best For: Couples, Families, Singles and Wedding Groups
This is an All-Inclusive Deal: N/A
This is an Adults-only Deal: No
This Deal is Offered By: Funjet Vacations
This is a Last-Minute Deal: Yes.  Search last minute deals

Weekly Deals by Funjet Vacations

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Weekly Deals by Funjet Vacations


Funjet Vacations offers travel deals to your favorite destinations such as Mexico, Jamaica, the Caribbean and more. Whether you’re planning ahead or taking a last-minute trip, we have exclusive vacation deals you don’t want to miss.


Do something you’ll never forget

Funjet Vacations has been fulfilling vacation dreams for over 45 years. At Funjet, we are committed to creating vacations that far exceed your expectations and providing the best end-to-end service every step of the way. The experiences you have and the memories you make on a Funjet vacation define us, and it is our desire to provide you with opportunities to truly do something you’ll never forget. Learn More About Funjet Vacations.


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