Our Family of Travel Web Sites:

CMTravelonline, Incorporated features five {5} travel web sites – each offering its own niche and comprised of the following:


CMTravelonline.com – The flagship of CMTravelonline, CMTravelonline.com is your premier source for discount cruise vacations, all-inclusive vacations, adults-only resorts and adults-only vacation experiences in Asia, Europe, Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean. Our site provides you with a powerful booking engine, in addition to detailed information about our family-friendly resorts, adults-only resorts, couples only resorts and exciting singles vacations in Las Vegas, Mexico, the Caribbean, Asia and Europe.

CMTravelonline.com features ONLY the finest vacation experiences for ALL BUDGETS. Our independent vacations, all inclusive vacations and adults-only vacations features the finest 3 to 5-star resorts available – all carefully selected to meet or exceed your specific needs.  And YES, our prices are comparative to most major travel sites.  With that being said, we invite you to search and book your vacation package with CMTravelonline.  CMTravelonline was founded in 1997.



Elite Travel Consulting.com – Elite Travel Consulting is an award-winning online travel site offering the most innovative travel experiences and empower discerning travelers by providing them with a huge portfolio of deluxe accommodation, activities, luxury tours and vacations. Elite Travel Consulting offers Independent Vacations, Tours and Cruises to over 183 destinations in the Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America, China, Europe, the Eastern Mediterranean, Dubai, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, the Islands of Tahiti, Canada, Hawaii, Alaska and the Continental U.S., and features more than 2,400 resorts, hotels and 350 luxury villas worldwide.

As your travel agent, we have some of the most passionate minds finding ways to make travel simpler, sleeker and seamless for you. We are not just an online booking source. We are here to guide you in every step of the way – from suggestions for highly popular or exotic destinations to the warm greeting we provide you upon return from your journey. Elite Travel Consulting was formed in November 2005.



Travel is SWELL.com – is a provider of experiential travel, wellness and private tours and luxury adults-only vacations. Our Luxury Collection includes romantic getaways, sumptuous culinary tours, spa vacations, luxury all-inclusive vacations, wellness retreats, safari holidays and luxury tented camp resort experiences. Travel is SWELL can also assist you with destination weddings, meetings and incentive programs. With Travel is SWELL, you can create inspiring, one-of-a-kind travel experiences in more than 80 countries on six continents. Wherever you choose to travel, we offer special inclusions and behind-the-scenes access that allows you to discover your destination in unmatched authenticity and style. All-in-all, Travel is SWELL is everything stylish, elegant and fashionably designed for your personal travel needs.  CMTravelonline.com was founded in November 2017.


Vacations for Adults

Vacations for Adults.com – Vacations for Adults.com is one of the internet’s best source for Adults-only Vacations, All Inclusive Vacations and Clothing-optional Vacations in Las Vegas, Asia, South Pacific, Europe, Mexico and the Caribbean. Its adults-only vacations are designed specifically for single adults, couples and families with teenagers who are 13 years and older.  Vacations for Adults.com, along with CMTravelonline.com are among the internet’s most complete source for adult-oriented vacation experiences. In addition, Vacations for Adults.com is a proud member of CMTravelonline’s family of travel web sites. Vacations for Adults.com was founded 2004.



World’s Leading Lifestyle Hotels.com – The World’s Leading Lifestyle hotels.com is designed for guests looking for authenticity, community and local experiences coupled with features like innovative design, good connectivity and convenient locations. The World’s Leading Lifestyle Hotels.com will feature only the finest and most diverse portfolio of lifestyle hotel and resort experiences affording you with the ability to create engaging stays and memorable moments.  The World’s Leading Lifestyle Hotels.com site is set to launch in June 2022.


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