Zoetry Rolandi Thalasso Spa Mud Treatment

Mud treatment massage Thalasso Mexico

Thalasso Mud Massage

 Mud Massage At The Thalasso Spa At The Zoetry Rolandi

When many people think of spa treatments they think of deep tissue massage and mud treatment. The Thalasso Spa At the Zoetry Rolandi offers both and scores of additional treatments. The mud is an excellent way to rejuvenate the skin. The Thalasso mud treatment contains high traces of minerals which are beneficial for basic skin irritations. The mud can help tone and exfoliate the top layer of dead skin. The sea mud used at the Thalasso Spa also contains high levels of salt which is excellent in treating eczema and acne.

Firmer Skin

While medical opinions vary it is hard to dispute that the mud wrap does not have tremendous benefit to to the skin. Anything that is wrapped tightly on the skin is going to pull away dead tissue from the top layer of skin when removed. This will naturally improve the elasticity of the skin giving a more youthful look. The warmth of the mud will improve circulation. Even the application by a professional has a relaxing benefit as well.

More to mud than just health

As silly as this may sound getting dirty can be fun. Covered in mud, your need to be prim and proper probably will wane a little. Playing in mud is something you did as a kid. Now granted you are being wrapped in it, but there is a still a fun factor about using mud on your visit to Thalasso at the Villa Rolandi in Mexico.

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