Swim With Stingrays In Antigua

Stingray City

 The name Stingray City sounds more like a casino or bar than an actual natural attraction. Stingray City is a water attraction in Antigua that features….stingrays.  Stingrays have often suffered from bad press and scary stereotypes. You are always told to watch where you walk on the sea floor or to shuffle your feet when scuba diving to alert them. At Stingray city your opinion is likely to change.

The Stingrays are kind of like Ferrell pets. Legend is they stayed in this area because they were being fed. As you stand in the shallow water the Stingrays will come up to you and rub you. Kind of sounds like a cat, except underwater.

In fact the Stingrays come and go as they please. They return because they know they are going to be fed. So they are not captive, just friendly. I also hear they are soft to the touch. This sounds like the kind of attraction that you may never have a chance to do again. Even if you get to hang out with a wild animal or large fish, it is unlikely you will be in a natural habitat like this one. Remember these are not trained. These are wild manta that choose to hang out and panhandle the tourists for squid pieces.

Antigua Stingrays

Swim with the stingrays in Antigua

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