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Secrets Maroma Beach:

Premium Ingredients, Premium drinks
Maroma Beach Secrets Premium Alcohol
Secrets Premium Alcohol
Premium Alcohol

One benefit of unlimited luxury is that you don’t sacrifice quality. At the Secrets Maroma Beach Resort, everything from what you eat to your room décor is top shelf. Even something as simple as the alcoholic beverages are all name brand. It is this attention to quality AND detail that engulfs the guests in luxury.

Exotic Drinks

Another feature of unlimited luxury is getting to try different things. While I am not proposing you go on a Cancun tropical drinking binge, there are some really FUN ways to sample some of the tasty beverages served at Secrets Maroma Beach.

Must try drinks at Maroma Beach

Here are five delicious drinks for you to try with their description:

Mango Joe

Bacardi Rum, Mango Pulp, Piece of Banana, Orange juice, Grenadine

Riviera Maya

Cantaloupe Liquor, Orange juice, strawberry daiquiri, Bacardi Rum

Mango Tango

Bacardi rum, Mango pulp, orange juice, strawberry pulp, lime juice, Grenandina

secrets drinks maroma

Secrets Maroma Beach drinks

Till Sunset

Vodka, Malibu, almond liquor, pineapple juice, apple juice

Secrets Love

Tequila, peach schnapps, vodka, sprite, Cranberry juice, lime juice

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