Sandals Royal Caribbean Activities

Montego Bay and Sandals Royal Caribbean teems with excitement. Of all the Tourist haunts in Jamaica, this is definitely the place to be if you like activity, vibrancy, and fun. The Sandals are Sandals royal caribbeann different. Here are some of the many activities you can do at Sandals Royal Caribbean. Keep in mind, there are a lot more. This list is a good starter list for this Sandals Resort. Keep in mind some of the class activities might change during the year.
Mixology class
Cooking class (learn the magic of jerk)
Woodcarving class
Beach volleyball
Pool volleyball

Update: Even more to do at Sandals Royal Caribbean: Paddle Boarding

A new look on water sports. If you are not rushing in the water next to the Royal Caribbean Sandals Resort, please remember you do not have to do something as ambitious as Kayaking or surfing. Paddle boarding is a relatively new trend. It is a fusion of surfing and…well paddling. It is sort of like the low impact version of water sportsIt also will give you neat view of both the resort and the private island. It is easy to do and can be a really neat way to get some exercise during your still at Sandals. It is also included as part of your all inclusive package on your Jamaica vacation.

Sandals Royal Caribbean: Paddle boarding Tips

Even with paddle boarding there is a right way and a wrong way. Here are a few tip to help you enjoy this activity without too much strain as you paddle out to the Royal Caribbean Private Island.

  • Stand up straight
  • Keep your shoulders level
  • Watch where you are going, keep your head up and looking out
  • The elbow of the paddle should point away from you
  • Make sure one hand is on the top of the paddle to give you leverage
  • Have a slight bend at the knees
  • Have fun

Royal Caribbean Snorkeling

Of all the water activities at Royal Caribbean I would advise you at least do snorkeling. Even if you forgo the diving, the snorkeling is an easy safe way to see the exquisite sea life right around the shore of the resort and in nearby locations. Check this out to find out more.

Update: Off Resort Activities

Sandals Royal Caribbean has more than enough to keep you busy. From water sports to great food you could stay busy 24 hours a day and never leave this Sandals Resort. But there is a lot to see and do in the Montego Bay area. Here are some links to some other activities that are worth a look:


Sandals royal caribbean
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