Sandals Resort Tips

Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Vacation To Sandals

written by Cm Travel

These Sandals Resort Tip will help you get the most out of your trip.

Tip 1: Take The Catamaran Trip

If you are in Jamaica take the Catamaran Trip. Of all the outings I have seen this one gets the most rave reviews. While there are different variations of this tour, the combination of sailing, touring, and just plain fun makes this a must schedule.

Sandals Catamaran

Sandals Resorts Catamaran Trip

Tip 2: Join The Sandals Reward Club Program

The Sandals Select Reward Program is well worth the few minutes it takes to signup. Some of the benefits of joining this club as a regular user are:

  • Special events
    Merchandise discounts
    Welcome back gifts
    Service perks
    And you get 10,000 bonus points just for signing up
Sandals Select Rewards

Sandals Select Rewards Perks Club Program


 Tip 3: Try The Dirty Banana

This drink has got to be the most talked about fun beach drink in the Sandal’s Resort Repertoire. I pulled the recipe to see what was in it and to my surprise I saw things like

Basically chocolate and crème with a banana. How bad could this drink possibly be on it’s worse day? Thus I would highly recommend having at least one dirty banana poolside as you stare out over treasure beach or Montego Bay.

Sandals Dirty Banana

One of the most popular Sandals Resort drinks: The Dirty Banana


 Tip 4: Arrange To Have A Butler

Everyone who chooses to have a butler at Sandals loves it. A Sandals butler is more than just a door opener. The butlers are your guide and all express pass to everything Sandals Resorts has to offer.

The butlers are trained by the Guild of Professional Butlers. They are well trained and professional. They also open the door to some additional Sandals Resort privileges. There are events where you have to have a butler to go. There are restaurants that are butler only. They are your ticket to room service. They make the reservations to your dining choices and escort you there. And this is just the beginning, there is so much more.

Sandals Butler Option

Sandals Butler

Find out more of what a Sandals Butler can do for you and your vacation!

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