Sandals Resort Tips: Getting More From Your Caribbean Experience

 Tip #9
 If you are looking for value from Sandals: Eat, Drink and Dive

The great thing about all inclusive is not only do you get unlimited diving but you also have unlimited food and drink. The drinks at Sandals are name brand and the food is gourmet. In fact, I would challenge the food of any resort versus the Sandals locations. So you might as well indulge. You can order extra portions at meals or extra drinks. This is part of the value of the resort so take advantage of it.

Eat Drink drive at Sandals

Eat, Drink & Dive when you are at a Sandals


Tip #10
If you see an omelet bar, martini bar, or desert bar… make a beeline for it

Sandals does these very very well. Enjoy them!

 Tip #11 Tell Your Waiter How You Want Your Beef Prepared

 This might seem a little silly but I am basing this tip on things I have read. Many people like their beef rare. If you do not specify a temperature, there is a very strong chance it will be prepared well done.. I have heard this is the default setting when you order beef. The reasoning is probably to make sure that any germs are cooked off. You will find in warm climates a concern is to always cook things thoroughly. This is not to say you cannot have it the way you want it.Just tell your waiter and or butler that you like your beef prepared this way and Sandals will accommodate you.

Tip #12
Chocolate Martini

 The name says it all. What better way to enjoy your Sandals visit then with a fully loaded chocolate martini. If they have a martini bar serving it, all the better. If not ask one of the bartenders. It is simple and delicious. To a chocolate lover, it should be part of your chocolate fix repertoire.

Sandals Resorts Chocolate Martini

Sandals Chocolate Martini

Tip #13
Sometimes A “Jerk” Can Be A Good Thing

 If your going to Sandals your going to encounter a lot of jerk…chicken.Your not going to get better Jerk chicken or pork then in the Caribbean. Thus I would make sure to try it during your visit. I know that you will have multiple opportunities at many of the resorts.

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