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Sandals Jamaica Pizza

The pizza at Sandals Negril, Royal Caribbean, Whitehouse, and Grande Riviera is spectacular. I have heard maybe one complaint about it. The reason for this is simple. It is fresh made brick oven pizza.A brick oven pizza cooks the pizza evenly as heat emanates from the bricks. This eliminates oven hot spots and produces pizza that is crispy on the outside but moist and properly cooked on the other.

It is also the perfect Caribbean beach snack as you can take it with you around the resort. It is the perfect snack to take back to your suite.While they offer a delicious Jamaican jerk chicken and Margherita pizza you can order whatever you like. I say get creative and have your butler request lobster or even beef on your pizza. Hey, this is Sandals, all you need to do is ask.

The two branded names for the Sandals Pizza Restaurants are Dino’s and Bella Napoli.

Sandals Pizza in Jamaica

Sandals Jamaica brick oven pizza


Sandals Montego Bay

The three Montego Bay Resorts put you in the center of the action in Mobay Jamaica. The Royal Caribbean, Carlyle, and Montego Bay Sandals give you access to the party atmosphere of Jamaica fostered by the hustle and bustle of Montego Bay.

If you are looking for quiet and reserved this may not be the best Sandals for you. From airport noise at Sanger Airport to the multiple bar and restaurants littering Gloucester Street, this is a fully functioning tropical Caribbean resort town.

Sandals Montego Bay Beach

Sandals Montego Bay Beachfront


Chocolate Night At A Sandals Jamaica Resort

Sandals Chocolate Night

Whether you love the company of groups of people or you like total seclusion, you will probably venture out for Chocolate Night. The different locations of Sandals in Jamaica all have their subtle uniqueness. They also know people LOVE chocolate.  Hence one of the activities is a sophisticated evening soiree that revolves around chocolate

From Chocolate drink to chocolate…everything else, this is a cherry on the top of your Sandals Jamaica culinary experience.


Sandals Chocolate Night

Sandals Jamaica Resorts Chocolate Night


Sandals Jamaica Resorts Butler

 There are no bad Sandals resorts or Sandals Butlers. There are some amazing stories indigenous to the Jamaica Resort Butlers. Here are some of the things I have heard the butlers do above and beyond just daily service:

 Sandals Grande Riviera:

 Couple came back to bed decorated with:

  •   Flowers
  •  Towel Animals
  •  Burning Candles
  •  Soft music

 Sandals Ochos Rios

 Patrons were allowed to order from the restaurants of their choosing and the butler brought it back to their room

 Sandals Negril

 Couple returned to find a spread of:

  • Champagne
  • Fruits
  • Cheeses
  • Snacks

 Sandals Whitehouse

 The couples butler moved them to the head of one of the restaurant lines (this would probably make me uncomfortable) to a table with rose petals on it

Written by CM Travel

Sandals Jamaica Resorts


Sandals Butler

Sandals Resort Butler

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