Sandals Diving

Sandals Diving

With over 50,000 certified divers Sandals offers experience to novice and experienced divers alike. While scuba diving is relatively safe, an experienced dive crew can be indispensable in having the best experience possible.

Some things to consider with Sandals Diving Program
  1. Sandals dive program is all inclusive meaning they provide the guides, the transportation, and equipment to dive
  2. Sandals has a fleet of over 200 boats
  3. Sandals has earned recognition from the Professional Association of Diving Instructors
  4. Every Sandals Resort offers different dive sites giving a unique flavor to each dive allowing you to see a selection of different species. In fact the Caribbean offers a unique and flourishing reef system.

 Here is an example of  diving at Sandals Negril and some of the nuances it offers
Need something a little less adventurous, try snorkeling. Here is some information about snorkeling at Sandals Royal Caribbean

 Diving or Snorkeling In The Caribbean

Most Caribbean reef systems from Jamaica to the lower Antilles are known as fringing barrier reef systems. The majority of your scuba diving at Sandals Resorts or other tropical locations will occur with this type of reef. The Fringing Reef is a coral reef that encircles the island without a water barrier. It houses a host of beautiful sea life including colorful coral that you will see as you submerge into these pockets of aquatic activity. Some of the coral you will see are:

Encrusting sponges
Tube sponges
Lace Coral
Fire Coral

Variety of Dive Sites In The Sandals Resort Network

Many people who come to Sandal’s Resorts have every intention of diving as much as they can. Whether a novice or a master diver, the allure of the Caribbean and it’s unique species make this prospect irresistible. The fact that it is included in your Sandals vacation also makes it a great way to spend the day.

Even with the high volume of divers, Sandals offers the best equipment and qualified caring instructors. Also important, Sandals makes sure there is a large variety of different dive sites to keep the underwater exploration both fascinating and unique.

 Some of the sites have unique geographic characteristics. Others offer an intriguing wreck site, giving the diver lots of opportunities to explore. Here are some examples of some unique diving sites you can visit:

For some basic information about the Jamaica Underwater Flora and Fauna you might see, click here.

Negril: Middle Shoal Reef


Shallow Plane

Antigua: Jettias Wreck

Sandals Diving

Sandals Diving Program

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