Mount Gay Rum In Barbados

Mount Gay Rum

Mount Gay Rum

Barbados Rum Maker: Mount Gay

Mount Gay Rum is one of the oldest brands of rum in the world

Touring Mount Gay Rum

Mount Gay Rum gives you a few ways to enjoy the tour. Here are the cliffs notes versions to help you pick which ones are best for you.

 Mount Gay Rum Signature Tour

This is the elementary school style museum tour. You see the history of the rum. You tour the plant. You taste a few rums. You go back to the resort. If you just need to check this off your list of must see locations in Barbados, this is your tour.

Mount Gay Cocktail Tour

If you are a what if person this tour may be a lot of fun. After enjoying the museum style tour, this tour lets you and your fellow mates work with a professional mixologist to create your own rum creations. As you are in the Caribbean you will be surrounded by fruity sweet cocktails. The natural base ingredient of these cocktails is rum. This makes this the perfect tour if you want to stretch the cocktail creation envelope. Yes, you will go on the museum style tour before you get to be a sugar cane mix master, but it is worth it.

I guess this is the distillery version of make your clay pot or T-shirt. The real fun will be after you taste a few of the creations and are less likely to hold back on your opinion. This could be a laugh riot.

Bajan Buffet Tour

I think a good rationale for this tour is that you really should not drink on an empty stomach.  Another rationale would be that you get to sample some local dishes while enjoying some rum punch. You still get all the bells and whistles of the public relations tour as well.

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