More Spectacular Secrets Maroma Beach

Here are three more authentic unrehearsed things that show us how good the Secrets Maroma Beach Resort is. These are things I found that are not rehearsed but are demonstrable proof of a top notch resort.

Maroma Beach

The many benefits of Secrets Maroma Beach

Giant grills of meat

I saw a non rehearsed picture of what I call the grill room. This is large cuts of meat are being grilled fresh. You can see a light sprinkly of white smoke in the way of three or four scrumptious types of meat being cooked slowly and with tender care.

Steak with the perfect cross grilled pattern

This may seem trivial, and I have no scientific evidence, but I know that 9 out of 10 times when you see a steak with the perfect cross grill pattern you are getting a great steak. It is just the mark of great meat.

Professional Chefs on Kayaks

No this is not the description of Youtube video gone viral or some sort of clown troupe. I have seen pictures of the chefs, in full professional culinary garb serving snacks to the many pool goers on a kayak. Now that is service. I mean, even to the 1% of most wealthy people in the world, it is generally understood that you at least swim to the edge of the pool to get your drink or food. But not at Secrets. When they say full service or unlimited luxury, they mean bringing you food IN the pool. Wow!


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