Mayfield Falls In Jamaica

If you are looking for a little more adventure there are no shortage of options you can choose from. One Jamaican water adventure locale is Mayfield Falls of Glenbrook in Jamaica. It is located in the Westmoreland section, so it is a good

Mayfield Falls of Jamaica

Mayfield Falls in Westmoreland section of Jamaica

hour from just about any Sandals resort of major resort area.The falls are fed by the Cabarita River which delivers cool water to this natural location. There are many tour groups that can take you there. There are also no shortage of people who say this is well worth the investment of time. The falls consist of:

• Multiple cascades
• 21 natural pools
• 9 natural jacuzzis

Natural Jacuzzi and The Washing Machine

The natural action of the river and falls create jacuzzi like areas where you can get a massage from nature. While you are losing some of the comfort of a man-made resort, you are gaining fresh cool mineral water. This is a great, and easy, way to enjoy nature in a state of relaxation as you are surrounded by incredible foliage. There is also a section of the Falls called ‘The Washing Machine.’ Resembling a giant natural washing machine, this part of the falls has multiple flows of water that converge in one spot. You get to enjoy this natural phenomenon by standing under the spray as they fall over you. This is kind of like the grand finale of your Falls experience for the day.

More Jamaican Local Charm

Mayfield Falls offers a local flavor. It is Caribbean rustic. You are deep into the interior of Jamaica and this is reflected in the very laid back attitude of the locals. You can also sample a real locals cocktail like homemade Apple wine. There is  a petting zoo and on some days folk singers.This is the perfect trip for the natural enthusiast or someone who wants to experience some local flavor. I hear the jerk chicken served there is also very good. There are a number of groups that can guide you through this experience. Some of your choices are:

  • Barrett Tours
  • Jammin Jamaica Tours
  • TourXamayca

Key tip:

Bring water shoes. You are moving in and out of water over rocks and foliage. Save your feet and use these. Remember this is not a water park, this is wild Jamaican jungle.

Update For Jamaica Nature Lovers:

Of all the falls, this is the least commercialized when compared to Y.S. Falls Or Dunn’s Falls. Some would even argue that it is the most beautiful of the three. It certainly takes you back into the unspoiled tropical brush of Jamaica. There are waterfalls even less crowded than Mayfield.

Kokono Falls

Located near Ochos Rios, this oasis offers clear cool water set against a backdrop of green jungle. It also has a zoo and a botanical garden. In reality you could make a day of just Kokono.

 Reich Falls

This location is an eco tourists paradise. Set against the backdrop of the Jamaican Blue Mountains, Reich Falls, is least commercialized of any waterfall I have seen. You may be the only one for miles in this centrally located site.

 Somerset Falls

Somerset Falls sits on the far East corner of Jamaica. The closest tourist haven to this natural delight is Ochos Rios. It offers the chance to soak in the cool water while the falls cascade over you. Somerset also has a lot of history as it was used by Spanish Explorers hundreds of years ago.

Jamaican Waterfalls

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