Maroma Beach Cancun: A Taste of the spectacular

Secrets Maroma Beach

Secrets Maroma Beach lives up it’s 5 Diamond Reputation

Sometimes truth is better than fiction…

Have you seen the Corona commercial where a young couple is sitting first person in front of crystal blue water and white sand. Well my question to you is why not live it. I was going through Trip Advisor and saw a picture of a tall Corona beer can with a lime in it at the Secrets Maroma Beach Cancun Resort. If that weren’t enough there was a tall frosted glass with the Corona in it right next to it. There was a perfect layer of frost on the glass. It was television commercial quality, bar none.
But this isn’t a commercial…you can enjoy a moment like this on your trip to the Secrets Maroma Beach. In fact on digging deeper there are a lot really spectacular ACTUAL things I saw that would be interesting and fun. Here are a few things on my list:

Too cute…Cancun

A pack of cute Coatis walking around (Coatis are like Lemurs, cute little cat/monkey like things that are only interested in stealing your hot dog….but are darn cute!)

Lizards Maroma Beach

I know what you are thinking. Gekkos and iguanas aren’t that cuddly. But they are pretty harmless and tell you how infused into nature you are at this Secrets Resort.

Gigantic Hibachi Shrimp is a Secrets Secret

You can tell fake photos and messy traveler photos that scream real. The one I am speaking about is the Secrets Maroma Beach Hibachi restaurant. In the picture the shrimp on the grill are huge. Not small freeze dried mainland shrimp but big puffy white Gulf of Mexico shrimp.

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