Here are some Cozumel snorkeling tips for kids on what to purchase when getting a snorkel and Why..

This may seem nit picky but choose the right kids snorkel when you visit Cozumel. It can make all the difference. Even if it is just lapping around the shallow end of the pool, it will last longer and your child will have a better experience.

Keys for your snorkel in Cozumel

Cozumel Kids Snorkel

Choosing the right snorkel?

Purchase a flexible snorkel. It is easier to position and more natural with human movement in water.

Dry Valve

A dry valve helps to block water from entering the top. Also known to some as a splash guard.

Purge Valve

A  purge valve is a small containment area at the bottom of a snorkel that catches small amounts of waters instead of…your mouth.

Kid Sizes

Make sure the snorkel you purchased is size appropriate for their age.

Material Considerations

Make sure the snorkel is light and is designed to move through water easily and has a replaceable mouthpiece.

Cozumel Kids Snorkeling

Cozumel Kids Snorkeling


Always review the product online and see what real people actually thought of the snorkel. Focus on reviews that mention actionable details as to avoid fake or fluff reviews. Look for reviews that fall in the middle of positive and negative which tend to be more objective. These little tips will help make your child’s Cozumel snorkel experience much more fun. I would consider purchasing these before you hit the Cozumel beaches in the United States or online before your trip.

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