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Frequently Asked Questions


What reservation transactions can I make online?
CM.Travelonline.com provides travel planning tools to help you build the perfect vacation package. The web site also features an online booking capabilities. In addition, you'll find booking capabilities of travel sites which offers exciting vacation packages that you can book this very minute. Our travel sites include:

  • CM.Travelonline.com (www.cmtravelonline.com) offers some of the best collection of adults-only vacations in the Caribbean and Mexico, all-inclusive vacations for families, singles and couples, great European getaways, cruise vacations and much, much more.
  • Find Me A Hotel.com (www.findmeahotel.com) offers last minute vacation packages, discount flights, rental cars, and over 65, 000 hotels worldwide - all of which are available at affordable prices.

How do I search for a vacation?
Use the vacation booking engines in our travel web site to search for a vacation package. After you enter your search criteria, the booking engine automatically searches for the best value-priced vacation package. You can then use the selection screens to customize a travel itinerary.

How important are the Terms & Conditions?
If you purchase a vacation online, you are subject to the Terms & Conditions. The Terms & Conditions are extremely important. They outline our policies and procedures, and those set by our travel suppliers. We encourage you to make a copy of the Terms & Conditions and read through them carefully. By confirming your reservation, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the Terms & Conditions.

Why does the booking engines return different flight times than what I entered?
When you search for specific departure or return times, the web site returns flight times based on the following criteria:

- First it searches for the best priced flights.
- Then it arranges those best-priced flights in order of the closest time to what you selected in the time preference menus for both departure and return.

Please note that if your preferred time does not appear, it may be that the air carrier/s do not have flights available that match your specified times.

How do I book an infant?
According to airline regulations, an “infant” is a child under the age of two. Infants do not require an airline seat and can sit on the lap of an adult traveler while flying (“lap child”). If an infant is traveling with you and you do not purchase a seat for the infant, you must inform us of this when making your reservation. For some international destinations, additional taxes may apply when you include an infant on the reservation. The airline may also issue a ticket for the infant traveler.

I would like my infant to have his/her own seat, how should I book it?
When you search for a vacation package, type the infant’s age in the Ages of Children field in the vacation search tool on the home page. The web site then includes the infant traveler when searching for available travel components. For infants under the age of 1, please type 1 as the age of the infant.

How do I book more than one room for a vacation?
To book more than one room, you have several options. Review the list below to see which option best meets your needs.

For Hotel Reservations Only:

  • Our hotel booking engine allows you to reserve up to eight (8) room on a single itinerary. Please click here to search and book your multi-room reservation.

For Vacation Packages Only:

  • If you need more than one room, our vacation booking engine allows you to secure two rooms on a single itinerary. Please click here to search and book your multi-room reservation.

For Large Group Bookings Only:

  • CM.Travelonline.com offers group travel arrangements, with a minimum of 10 passengers and 5 hotel rooms. Passengers must depart from the same city, and your group must book travel 60 or more days prior to departure. Please contact your Travel consultant for more assistance.

How do I make special room requests?
If you need to make a special room request, contact your Travel Consultant at 1-888-898-3628 for assistance.

How do I find the lowest vacation price?
Use the tips in the list below to search for the best vacation price:

  • Plan your vacation as far in advance as possible.
  • Compare midweek and weekend departure prices.
  • Price morning departures and late departures to get a feel for off-peak pricing.
  • Price a vacation with a weekend stay-over.
  • Try to travel during non-peak times, if your schedule is flexible. 

How do I know what the vacation price includes?
When you search for a vacation package, the availability prices always include the combined hotel and flight prices, feature prices, and all applicable air and hotel taxes and fees. The web site does not add any surprise taxes or fees to the air and hotel vacation prices when you confirm the reservation.

Note: Car prices do not include local state taxes, which are paid upon arrival at the car rental location at the airport in the destination. Car prices do not include extra day charges. Extra day charges may apply if your return flight is one hour (or more) later then the scheduled drop-off time for your rental car.

How far from my intended travel date can I price a vacation?
Normally, you can search for a vacation 330 days prior to departure. There may be some exceptions to this rule. Please try different date options if your vacation search is not successful.

When I checked the vacation price yesterday it was lower than it is today. Why?
When you price a vacation package, you view live inventory. Because prices are based on many factors, including availability of rooms/room types, flights and demand for the packages, prices can fluctuate, even within minutes. As it is not uncommon for prices to fluctuate, we suggest that you check out different flights or alternate dates for a lower fare that is still available. The only way to secure a vacation price is to pay for it in full.

How do I apply payments?
After you complete a search and create your preferred travel itinerary, click Book This Vacation to open the payment screen. You apply payments in 2 or 3 easy steps of the checkout process.

Are payments processed on a secure server? How do I know?
Yes, all CM.Travelonline.com payments and partner vacation payments are processed through a secure server. You know the server is secure by the little closed lock that appears at the bottom right of the Internet Explorer window. You can also see the "secure" url displayed briefly on the bottom left of the screen immediately after you click Complete Booking.

What taxes and fees do I have to pay?
Taxes and fees can include airport facility charges, federal taxes, state taxes, and government fees. The complete vacation package determines the fees and surcharges. The web site includes these fees in all vacation prices that appear on the selection screens. Advertised specials or email prices do NOT include air and hotel taxes and fees. When you search using the vacation search tool, the prices you see in availability include the air and hotel taxes and fees when you book online. In some foreign destinations, there may also be additional nominal fees not included in the vacation package price. These fees are due upon arrival and must be paid at the airport before departure. For a listing of these fees, see our Terms and Conditions.

Can I use more than one credit card to apply payment?
Yes. You can use more than one credit card to apply payment. However, we recommend that you contact us directly and we will be delighted to secure the credit card payments for you.

What happens when the web site rejects a credit card?
The web site rejects a credit card if you enter the wrong information, the credit card is invalid, or the credit card exceeds its limit. If one of these situations occurs, you immediately receive an error message. Contact your Travel consultant for assistance.

Can I use a travel credit to pay for a reservation I booked online?
Yes. Contact your Travel Consultant for assistance. In addition, you can send your travel credit information to:

Elite Travel Consulting, Inc.
Attn: Customer Support
12388 Warwick Blvd., Suite 203
Newport News, VA 23606.

When I try to confirm my online booking, at the end of the reservations process it says that my address cannot be verified. Why?
Our system can only recognize your address if you enter it EXACTLY as it appears on your credit card billing statement. Please refer to your credit card billing statement, and try entering your address again. If you continue to receive the "cannot verify address" message, contact your Travel consultant and have them verify the information for you.

How can I get a copy of the confirmed itinerary or my e-travel document?
When you confirm an online reservation, the web site automatically sends you an email confirmation to the email address you entered on the Checkout screen. If you did not receive your confirmation, please call your Travel consultant at +1-888-898-3628 to have the confirmation sent to you.

What forms of personal identification do I need when I depart?
When you travel, you are required to provide identification to verify your identity as well as that of any of your traveling companions. For domestic travel (inside the U.S.), you need to carry a non-expired government-issued photo ID that matches the name on the reservation.

For international travel, for U.S. citizens, acceptable forms of proof of citizenship include:
- Valid passport (required for Europe, Great Britain, Central America, and Belize)
- Certified state-issued (not hospital-issued) birth certificate and a government-issued photo ID
- Certified naturalization certificate and a government-issued photo ID.

Married or divorced women, who travel under any name other than that printed on their documentation, must supply a marriage license and/or divorce decree (a copy is acceptable). In addition, special requirements apply to children traveling with only one parent or without parents.
For some international travel, countries may not permit entry without a valid return ticket and/or visa or other documentation. For example, travel to Central America or Belize may also require a visa. Please contact the local embassy or consulate for travel requirements and more information.

Important! As part of increased security measures, the U.S. government is implementing new passport requirements over the next few years. As of 23 January 2007, a passport or other accepted documentation is required for all air travel to or from the Caribbean, Bermuda, Central and South America.

  • As of 12 January 2009 a passport or other accepted documentation is required for all sea travel to or from Mexico and Canada.
  • As of 12 January 2009, a passport or other accepted documentation is required for all air, sea, and land border crossings. Click here for additional information.

How do I modify my confirmed online reservation?
You cannot modify your confirmed online reservation. To make changes to the reservation, please contact your Travel consultant at +1-888-898-3628 for assistance.

Can I add passengers to a confirmed reservation?
You cannot add passengers to a confirmed reservation once it is booked. Please contact your Travel Consultant at +1-888-898-3628 to assist you in changing your reservation and the conditions of the purchase.

How do I cancel my online reservation?
Please contact your Travel Consultant at +1-888-898-3628 to cancel your reservation and request a refund based on the Terms and Conditions of the vacation package.

How do I request a refund?
Contact your Travel Consultant at +1-888-898-3628 to cancel your reservation and request a refund.

For refund inquiries please use the contact information below:

Elite Travel Consulting, Inc.
Attn: Customer Support
12388 Warwick Blvd., Suite 203
Newport News, VA 23606.

What is a favorite? How do I add this web site to my favorites?
Your browser enables you to save links to web sites you visit most often. These links are known as your favorites. Favorites enable you to click a link instead of typing the web address every time you access a web site. There is an entire menu option dedicated to favorites on most web browsers.

Follow the steps below to add this web site to your favorites:

  • Open your Internet Explorer, and type the web site’s address in the address field.
  • Select Add to Favorites from the Favorites drop-down menu on the top navigation bar. The Add Favorite box opens. Internet Explorer defaults to display the web site’s name in the Name field.
  • Select the folder where you want to include the web site, and click OK. Your browser adds the link to your favorites list.

When I try to price or book a vacation online, I receive an error message. What should I do?
When you search for or book a vacation package, you may receive an error message. Typically, error messages appear if the system is busy or if there are network communication problems. If you receive an error, attempt the action again in a few minutes or at a time when the system might be less busy.
If you continue to receive an error message after several attempts, email CM.Travelonline.com. Include as much information as you can, including origin and destination cities, travel dates, number of adult and child (ages 1-17) passengers, hotel preference, the specific error message, and the step in the process where the message appears.

Who do I contact if I need additional support or personal assistance?
For assistance, email CM.Travelonline, or contact your Travel consultant at +1-888-898-3628 for assistance.


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