Cozumel Snorkeling For the Whole Family

Cozumel Family Snorkeling

Family Snorkeling in Cozumel.

If your children are a little older, and more experienced with snorkeling why not consider a snorkel tour. For those still young enough to enjoy it offers a pirate themed snorkel outing.

Pirates of Cozumel

For this the entire family will board a recreated Imperial age Spanish ship named the Jean LaFitte. The trip sails you to Cozumel’s popular Paradise Reef

Included Amenities
• Mexican Lunch
• Open bar
• Souvenir snorkel
• Dancing
• Pirate Show
• Games and shipboard activities

What to look for at Paradise Reef

Here are some of the fish you will see on your snorkel outing on Paradise Reef:
• Trumpetfish
• Damselfish
• Barracuda
• Grouper/Coney
• spotted moray eels
• Queen Angelfish
• Grunts and Snappers
• Trunkfish

Fun fact about Paradise Reef Cozumel

Paradise Beaches snorkeling area features scores of starfish. This area is called sky of the stars and is an aptly named addition to Paradise Beach

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