Cozumel kids: snorkel and reef safety

Cozumel snorkeling safety tips

Cozumel snorkeling tips

Cozumel and kids do mix. Cozumel snorkeling and kids also mix. Nevertheless, it is always best to follow some simple safety and comfort tips. Not everything is life and death but smart choices can still make your trip more comfortable for the kiddies.

cozumel reef and snorkel safety

Cozumel reef and snorkeling safety

Protect your Child’s Skin

Snorkeling in Cozumel means your child’s skin will be exposed to two things. On the dorsal side you have the intense equatorial sun beating down on them. On the underside, make sure their feet and arms are protected from rubbing , scraping, and of course…other sea life.

Sun shirt

Being that you have to protect the different areas of your child’s body in different ways a sun shirt might be the best choice. This will give them sun protection and protect them from contact with anything under the surface. You will still need sunblock on some areas, but not nearly as much and your children have abrasion protection where they need it.

Screen up

Make sure you are using an environmentally safe water proof high number sunscreen. Make sure it is on ANY exposed areas like neck, legs and arms (if not covered by sun shirt).

When in Cozumel; take care of your feet

Make sure your child has a pair of dive booties in tandem with their fins.If they step on something sharp, they will have the protection they need.


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