Atlantis Submarine in Barbados

Atlantis Submarine Barbados

Underwater Sumbarine in Barbados

Ride A Submarine Day or Night  at Atlantis Submarine In Barbados

You have the option to view the undersea world by daylight, or you can come back to see a whole different viewpoint, that of the nocturnal fish and night predators. Using the Atlantis sub lights, different fish and fauna colors will give you a new perspective on Caribbean sea life. One thing to keep in mind. Diving and snorkeling are daytime activities. This might be your only chance to see the undersea nightlife up close.

 Some of the things you might see
  • Shipwreck
  • Multiple species of fish
  • Multiple species of coral
  • Turtle
  • Stingrays
  • Lobster

Word to the wise: If you are claustrophobic do not do this. You are in a little metal tube underwater. Also keep in mind there is no guarantee of what you will see. This is the real ocean and it is unscripted.


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