Agapey Chocolate Factory

Agapey Chocolate Factory

You won’t need a golden ticket to enter this chocolate factory. Learn how the wonderful stuff is made and sample what ultra fresh dark chocolate with real cane sugar really tastes like. Once you try it, you will want to buy it! Barbados Agapey Chocolate Factory will take you into the deep inner workings of how cocoa is grown, cultivated and forged into chocolate candy.

Agapey Artisan Chocolate

The big difference between mainstream chocolate and artisan chocolate is the cocoa. Most cocoa comes in the Forastero variety. This is the most common and is very bitter before it is mixed with fats, emulsifiers, and flavor agents (but whose complaining). Artisan chocolate makers, like Agapey, uses a rarer finer cacao known as Criolo. This is combined with pure blond Barbados cane sugar. This allows a richer flavor without additives.

Too Sweet To Miss In Barbados

I know on the tours you get to be hands. You work with the seeds (called beans) You sample the ingredients. You also get to sample some final product including the Rum chocolate. With a whopping 70% Cacoa, the combination of rich dark chocolate and rum is sure to please

Agapey Chocolate

The Agapey Chocolate Factory in Barbados


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